Our Birth.

Founded in 2009, BMT has built an impressive reputation and strong experience as an IT Infrastructure Management Services.
Since our inception, we are working as a strategic partner to numerous organizations—small to large businesses—in delivering top quality hardware, software, and IT services.
Customers loved the new approach. They enjoyed a higher level of support at a lower cost.


As a team, we could not possibly master all of the emerging Internet technologies.
Too often, IT generalists try to tackle problems they cannot solve. In the end, you spend more money and still have server issues.
We avoid this problem by simply not accepting jobs we don’t know how to do. As a result, we get the problem fixed quickly and often at less total cost than budget server management providers.

10 years & Still Learning

Call us slow learners, but ten years since our founding, we are still finding better ways to do the most basic things. From backups to monitoring to security, we continually adapt our services to meet the ever changing challenges of running a business on-line.
This is a core part of our approach — never stop improving.
We measure ticket response times, ticket frequency, first-ticket close rates and other items to assure we continually improve our services.
This commitment to do what it takes is reflected by our customer retention rate. We still have customers we signed up in 2009.
You don’t stick with a company for ten years if they are not doing a good job.

Staying Awesome & Delivering Great Value

For the last two years, we’ve been focused on packing even more value into our services. We do this by continually identifying key metrics that can serve as early indicators for server problems.
For example, we monitor the email queue depth on servers we manage. We have found this to be an excellent indicator of spamming activity. This approach allows us to catch web site exploits, compromised end user accounts and other email issues before a server is blacklisted. By fine-tuning this monitor, our customers see far fewer email delivery issues. We monitor loads, processes and other data to detect other potential server problems.
This is just one example of how we continually pack more and more value into our management services. From single servers to complex clusters handling 10’s millions of pages views, we work with our clients to assure they get the most for their IT budgets.

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